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A Series Air Cylinder
U series air cylinder
M series air cylinder
MR series block cylinder
SR series compact cylinder
BG series air cylinder
GM series air cylinder
GU series guide cylinder
GSR type compact guide cylinder
H series high pressure hydraulic cylinder
ASC Air swing clamp cylinder
HSC Hydraulic Swing Clamp Cylinder
HTB series hydraulic compact cylinder
HY-T40/T60 Hydraulic package power unit
TPCE/TPCH series Hydrolic press
Cylinder Kits for local cylinder assembly
Air press TPA series / Hydrolic press TPC series
Air press TPB series / Hydrolic press TPS series
TPH/TPM series Hydrolic press
TPCE/TPCH series Hydrolic press  
Features :

TPCH series can quickly approching to work piece then slow down and press up and quickly return back after finish the job. slid-way jig-protection design extend the fig life and avoid traditional short jaw-depth and any machine demage
or accident in operation.
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